Disasters, conflicts and disease outbreaks threaten children’s lives, rights and prospects and damage the societies they live in. 

A quarter of the world’s population now live in conflict-affected areas. Humanity is witnessing the highest number of people who are displaced. More than 100 million people have been forced to flee from their homes, 40% of them are children.  

Over 200 million people are affected by disasters caused by natural hazards each year. The effects of climate change are causing increased risks for children. 

Responding to the needs of adolescent girls – who are among the most at risk when disasters strike – is a key focus of our work. Our approach is built on universal human values and humanitarian principles. 

We work with communities and local volunteers and strengthen their resilience and their dignity before, during and after crises.

In 2022, we responded to 81 disasters globally.  Working with local agencies, we carried out 55 child protection, 42 education and 42 cash and voucher programmes along with context-specific lifesaving core humanitarian assistance.


Global food crisis. Women gather crops in Burkina Faso.

Global food crisis

We are on the brink of a devastating global food crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a steep rise in hunger in countries already struggling with conflict, climate change and economic turbulence.

Viktoriia has been living in Bucharest since May 2022 with her two children, Nikita aged 14 and two-year-old Leva.

Ukraine Crisis Response

Since March 2022, Plan International has been responding to the Ukraine Crisis. Focusing first on refugees in Moldova, Poland and Romania, we are now working inside Ukraine, in partnership with local civil society organisations.

Given the long-term impact of this crisis and the added value of our gender, age and inclusive approaches, we are establishing a strategy of programming and influencing beyond the refugee crisis response.

The worst health crisis of a generation is challenging the world. Please help support vulnerable children, especially girls affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Support children affected by the covid-19 pandemic

The worst health crisis of a generation is challenging the world. Please help us support the most vulnerable children affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

A child's photo is among the rubble of a building that was brought down by one of two devastating earthquakes, Aleppo.

Syria Earthquake Appeal

We’re working to provide food and water, shelter and blankets to keep people warm, and addressing the specific needs of women and girls.

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