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Plan International worldwide Annual review 2022

Plan International Worldwide Annual Review and Combined Financial Statements. This annual review is a summary of our global impact for children, particularly girls, in 2022.

“2022 was a year of converging global challenges, all worsened by the impact of the climate crisis. These have deepened the inequity girls face daily. This makes the work done by Plan International more important than ever.”

Read full commentary from Stephen Omollo, CEO and Gunvor Krunman, Chair

In this report, you’ll find out how we are working towards delivering greater impact for vulnerable and excluded children, especially girls, influencing greater change at local and global levels and transforming girls’ lives.

Note: Revised versions of these documents were added to this page on 18 January, due to some figures for reach being increased.

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Our Priority areas of work

Through our strategy, we:

  • deliver greater impact for vulnerable and excluded children, especially girls.
  • influence greater change at local and global levels.
  • transform girls’ lives.

Across the priority areas of work listed below.

Cut out of a young girl smiling

Early Childhood development

All young children grow up well cared for and equally valued.

Read how we support early childhood development

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Cutout of a girl holding a bowl of food

Inclusive, quality education

Children, particularly girls, have the education they need to succeed in life.

Read how we support inclusive, quality education

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Cutout of girl with one arm up

Protection from violence

Children and young people, particularly girls, grow up free from violence, fear and discrimination and the gender inequality that drives them.

Read how we support protection from violence

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Cutout of a girl in a wheelchair holding a sign that says "My dignity, my right. Period!"

Sexual and reproductive health and rights

Girls and young women have control over their lives and their bodies.

Read how we support girls’ sexual and reproductive health

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Cutout of young woman holding a goat

Skills and decent work

Marginalised young people, especially young women, gain knowledge and skills, access opportunities and engage actively in decent work of their choosing.

Read how we support access to skills and decent work

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Cutout of girl holding a megaphone

Young people driving change

Girls, boys and young people shape decisions that affect their lives by leading change within their own communities and influencing decisions at higher levels.

Read how we support young people driving change

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Cutout of girl wearing a surgical mask

Emergencies and
humanitarian response

Protecting and upholding the rights of children, particularly girls, before, during and after emergencies

Read how we support girls in emergencies

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