Plan International Benin

Plan International began operating in Benin in 1994 to support children to exercise their rights.

In Benin, there is a high mortality rate for children under 5 due to preventable diseases. In addition, adolescents and young people are at risk of sexual and reproductive health problems due to a lack of education. As a result, there are high rates of teenage pregnancy, girls dropping out of school and maternal death.

Plan International Benin works alongside youth-led organisations, partners and communities to ensure vulnerable children, especially girls and young women, are informed, confident and able to make key decisions about their lives and bodies without fear of violence.

Our priorities include:

  • Ensuring vulnerable young people have access to high quality and safe sexual, reproductive and maternal health services.
  • Providing children and young people with access to safe, inclusive, quality education and good employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.
  • Protecting young people from all forms of violence and harmful traditional practices.
  • Providing young children with early education and stimulation.

Where we work

Our address

Carre 647, Rue 395 Aupiais,

Cadjehoun Cotonou,

08 BP 699 Cotonou,


+229-21-30-39-51 / 21-30-64-97

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A map showing where Plan International works in Benin